Frequently Asked Questions

Q: If I’m a PTA Member, do I have to attend meetings, volunteer at PTA events or serve on the PTA Board?

A: No. Being a PTA Member simply gives you the right to vote for any motion made at a regular PTA meeting. You are not ever required to attend meetings or volunteer. However, we do think there is great value in serving as a volunteer at our school and we hope that everyone will take the opportunity to make a difference if it fits in your schedule. We are making an effort to offer our meetings at various times of day throughout the year in hopes that everyone will be, able to attend at least one. Regular PTA meetings offer parent education, so we hope you will attend if these fit your schedule.


Q: What are the Membership dues used for?

A: Your membership dollars go toward benefitting EVERY child at Walker. PTA helps fund many things needed by our school including technology, tutoring, enrichment programs and more. Walker PTA is proud to help fund areas that have been affected by the State of Texas budget cuts since 2011. A portion of Membership dollars also go to the Texas PTA to help with lobbying efforts in the Texas Legislative sessions for areas of great importance to children and families in our state, such as Standardized Testing and Child Safety Issues.

Q: Why should I join PTA?
A: Walker PTA provides family events, student programs, class parties, student enrichment and so much more. One hundred percent of Walker’s staff are members of the Walker PTA and we think that is noteworthy because they pay dues too.

Your PTA Membership gives you discounts to Walker Events throughout the year.


And through Texas PTA discounts to water parks, theme parks, resorts, and so much more.


Walker PTA has helped the school in many ways:


- Purchased gaga pit for recess

- Purchases supplies for workroom

- Purchased water bottle refill fountains

- Provides student scholarships, incentives, and enrichment

- Sponsors community and student events such as

      - Fall Fest

      - Showcase

      - Family Fitness Night

- Sponsors member and student programs

      - MEF scholarships

      - Donates to project graduation

      - ...and more

- Committed to paying to tutor Walker students

- Will help fund student Field Trips

- Will help purchase ELAR Resources


Joining PTA is more convenient than ever and only takes a few minutes online.