2021 - 2022 PTA Board

We are the friendly faces of Walker PTA and are here to answer any questions you may have.


President Courtney Massey president@walkerstarspta.net
1st VP Programs Cassandra Gresham programs@walkerstarspta.net
2nd VP Membership Megan Patterson membership@walkerstarspta.net
3rd VP Volunteers Elizabeth McGrath volunteers@walkerstarspta.net
4th VP Fundraising Monica Lane fundraising@walkerstarspta.net
5th VP Communications Kelly Cullum communications@walkerstarspta.net
Treasurer Christine Aldridge treasurer@walkerstarspta.net
Secretary Allison Reese secretary@walkerstarspta.net
Parliamentarian Jessica McDonald parliamentarian@walkerstarspta.net
Arts & Education Emily Kelley artseducation@walkerstarspta.net
Showcase Cami Nelson showcase@walkerstarspta.net
Community Outreach Kelli Wood communityoutreach@walkerstarspta.net
Community Events Keith Cullum events@walkerstarspta.net
Hospitality Jacey Merle hospitality@walkerstarspta.net
Room Rep Coordinator Amanda Luedke roomrep@walkerstarspta.net
Party Coordinator Caris Seabolt parties@walkerstarspta.net
Work Room Coordinator Nicole Saleemi workroom@walkerstarspta.net
Healthy Lifestyles Kate Lookabill healthylifestyles@walkerstarspta.net
Yearbook Christine Bignall yearbook@walkerstarspta.net