Volunteers of the Month are selected by recommendations to the board. They are often someone who has stood out for one reason or another whether they wanted to stand out or not. Maybe they brought amazing energy, showed unmatched effort, or maybe they spent a lot of time helping at an event or helping prep for an event. They could also be someone who always signs up and shows up or someone who saw help was needed so they just stepped in or even stayed longer than they signed up for because they saw a need. They're also often the ones who work quietly in the background.

We do our best to acknowledge all the varieties of volunteers we have here at Walker. Our hope is to see to it that no one goes unnoticed, that all help is acknowledged and appreciation is shown. Volunteers of the Month are chosen because they're the ones who go above and beyond, whether it's all the time or one time, we want to be able to say "we see you, thank you."

If you would like to recommend someone for Volunteer of the Month, email your suggestion  to volunteers@walkerstarspta.net